July 1 meeting at Ada's

This Friday, July 1, we will meet up at Ada's again from 7-9pm. This month Randy Jones (that's me) will present a gentle introduction to Max/MSP. I have been using Max off and on since the early ’90s, and from 2002-2004 or so worked for Cycling ’74 to help create the Jitter package of audio-visual objects. More recently I’ve used Max/MSP to do lots of prototyping for my own software synthesizers Aalto, Kaivo and Virta.

In this talk I'll plan to start up at 30,000 feet—what does Max/MSP do? Why use it? How does it compare to other software?—and zoom down to the point where we are making simple synthesizer patches.

I'll talk for an hour or so, then we can have some time for open show and tell. Maybe bring some stuff and we'll try to hook it together using Max!