March 2016 Meeting Minutes

Seattle Music Machine Salon - 3/4/16 notes

Randy Jones - or find the old stuffs by searching for Caro, performance coming up 3/25 at Chapel - Hollow Earth Radio and Artist Trust

Gabe Schubener (sp?) - music from waffles! - Hollow Earth Radio, want to make a show?,

Brian Willoughby - designs hardware components, does some mastering and so on - Metrix Createspace has courses on creating electronics, soldering etc, no membership fees

Mat Anderson - music under Mathew Anderson - Dave Pezzner is Mat's music resource

Kyle Musslewhite - guitar in a band called Sloucher (Swoon Records), studying electroacoustics with DXARTS

Olaf Kvern - Soundwerk (public access electronic music studio with a bunch of Buchlas), builds musical robots, interested in re-kindling Soundwerk community (used to be in Oddfellows)

Bradley - hobbyist musician, gear hoarder, interested in more community as well - Patchwerks!

Daniel - DNM - also a gear collector, hobbyist, interested in music community - Patchwerks! & has a small recording studio in Belltown -

Jesse Farmer - DJ, producer, promoter (Sweatbox) for music + events

Kara - theremin player and showtunes DJ - Andy Reichel is her resource

Sally Brown - reformed raver

Bryan Newman - bon vivant, music as KFO (soundcloud/skiplogic, mixcloud/bryanjnewman)

Mike McCracken - plays in Chaotic Noise as Flowbee the White Guy (

Josh Liebsohn - intern for Madrona Labs, makes music as dreamjournal (soundcloud/dreamjournal) - events website: do206

Jared Borkowski - freelance mixing engineer + musician, podcast soundchamber - talks about creativity & production

Qoqo - music project qoqoroboqs - Kremwerk, Dave Segal, Motor Collective, Elevator, Tuf

Michelle Furedy - music projects under Misha, DJ & production (soundcloud/misha) - spotify playlist: music for writers

Cindy Desmarais - music projects under expertsystem (soundcloud/expertsystem), radio @ hollowearth - Patchwerks! next meetup 4/10; want to work on education: beginners, children, women, etc; also retail store forthcoming

Andy Reichel - music projects under gelsol (soundcloud, mixcloud, bandcamp, all over) - Patchwerks! & Monster Planet (come on out beginners and house noodlers)

Matt Turpin - music projects under Hakea, more stuff soon - muffwigglers

Chaya Jones - Experimental College, future lady education thing