September SMMS: Alexandra Cárdenas

Colombian composer & performer Alexandra Cárdenas will be the special guest at this month's Seattle Music Machines Salon. Alex studied in Mexico and Germany, and currently lives in Berlin. Trained as a guitarist and composer, in these last years Alex has gotten increasingly into "live coding" -- a kind of semi-improvised music performance using only a laptop, creating the code and music on the fly. A group of like-minded musicians come together in evenings known as "algoraves", where the crowd both listens to the music and watches the computer code being written in realtime.

Alex and her laptop have performed across Europe; this spring she spent a couple months performing and teaching live-coding residencies and particpating in algoraves in Ecuador, Peru, and her native Colombia.

Alex is in Seattle to perform at Lambda World Seattle, and while here has agreed to show & tell with our own local electronic/digital music community. So come on out to Ada's Technical Books and Cafe; the event is free, but the space is limited. See you there!

7–9pm, Friday September 14th
Ada’s Technical Books, Seattle